Anambra Won’t Escape Calamities Nov. 6th, Primate Ayodele Claims As He Reveals Winner


Primate Ayodele prophesies doom and announces the outcome of the Anambra election in his most recent prophecy. Primate Ayodele has forecasted calamity, predicting ” kidnapping, hijacking, deaths, and all forms of malfeasance” in the November 6 election.

This was revealed in a statement signed by Prime Ayodele’ s media adviser, Osho Oluwatosin, on Tuesday, in which he scolded the government and party candidates for being focused on their votes without addressing voter safety.

Primate Ayodele, in his latest doomsday prophecy, advised the government to take necessary security measures on election day because there will be incidents of kidnapping, hijacking, killing, and other types of wrongdoing.


In some locations, he continued, the poll would be marred by delays, threats, and apathy, and INEC employees must be protected. Apart from that, he stated that to avert strife, the people of Anambra, as well as all candidates, should fast and pray for three days from October 29th to October 31st, 2021.

” They have not looked at the subject of security, ” he stated, adding that ” the government should provide security for the Anambra governorship election. ” There will be kidnappings, hijackings, murders, and other types of misbehavior during the election. ”

” Before the election, the administration must establish enough security; there will be some locations where there will be no election, where there will be a great deal of threat, and where there will be apathy. ” Officials from the INEC must be safeguarded to ensure that they are not harmed. The election will not take place at the same time as the materials are delayed. The election in 2023 will determine what happens in Nigeria.


” The only way the APC can win is to rig, and rigging is the only way they can win. ” People don’ t want APC, but they’ ll go to great lengths to get it through fraud and trickery. In the garden, the party is gunning for triumph. There’ s not a court that can dismiss the APC if they are permitted to triumph since they have put up equipment to perfect their goals. The governor would be upset, there will be no peace, and the state will lose its bearings if the APC takes it by force. ”


” People are tired of APGA; they don’ t want APGA, but the party tries to enforce its way by rigging, which they aren’ t doing well. ” Governor Willie Obiano isn’ t doing his homework, and it’ s hurting their prospects of winning. Nobody in Anambra is prepared for APGA and APC, but both are hell- bent on forcing their way into power. Unless Governor Willie Obiano begs them and prays to God, the people of Anambra would not vote for APGA.


” If they do the right thing, they will be rewarded. The PDP will not win unless they wake up, establish a coalition, and clean up their act; they must conduct their affairs properly. Things will begin to shift three days before the election, so the PDP needs to be ready.


” The APC will be knocked out of the contest by a coalition, but other parties will provide opportunities for the APC to win in an unholy way. ” The people despise the APC and the APGA. If the PDP takes advantage of the situation, they have a chance to win.


” Ifeanyi Ubah, a YPP candidate, refuses to recognize victory. It is all around him, but he refuses to accept it. They’ ll ease him out technically, he’ s doing a few things incorrectly, but he gets the job done. He has what it takes, but he isn’ t managing it. He’ s tinkering with triumph, and people aren’ t perceiving him as a victor. He’ s on the verge of victory, but he’ s not sure how to claim it. “


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