Ankara Gown Fashion Styles And More Print Looks In 2021

Everyday Style Ravens and designers across Africa come through with even more innovative designs made out of African print fabrics. From Ankara to Adire, Woodin to Aso Oke, African prints can all agree that 2019 has been a great year for them and we can’t wait to see how this design revolution continues to . out in 2020.
African prints can be made into a variety of styles with the only limitation being the wearer’s imagination. However, choosing a standout design for your African print can sometimes be a herculean task due to an over-abundance of inspiration, but when you get it right, you’ll see that it was totally worth the time. Design aside, being able to think out of the box with your styling is what transforms a stunning design to a rave-worthy look.

As usual, we save you some trouble by curating the designs our style editors agree are chic, classy, trendy yet timeless! From short Ankara dresses / gown styles to jumpsuits, blouses to skirts, we’ve got pictures of a bevy of African print designs to inspire you this holiday season and beyond.

Remember whether you opt for long or short Ankara gown styles, intricate details, unpredictable cuts, use of statement appliqués and unusual fabric combinations are some of the key characteristics of a rave-worthy piece.

These African print styles are SR-certified and next-level fabulous…


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