Another Sad News In Plateau! See What Herdsmen Did Again To Two Persons


In the records about attacks in Plateau State, I have noticed that most perpetrators of these attacks are often linked to Fulani herdsmen. The residents of places where these attacks were carried out in the State, could be recognized that the perpetrators are some Fulani herdsmen who are used to disguising themselves as gunmen.

Just a few months ago, the suspected Fulani herdsmen ambushed some residents in an area of Bassa Local Government Area (LGA) of the State, and it was made known that seven persons were killed. Also, a month before this month, another set of said- to- be Fulani herders ambushed a place in the Plateau State. These attacks resulted in the death of three residents of the State.

In addition to the attacks that were launched by these Fulani men against Bassa LGA in August, they have also committed another atrocity against an area in the LGA again, a few days ago. As usual, according to the reports learned, about two persons lost their lives as a result of this raid.

One can not tell whether these Fulani herdsmen only came for the murdered victims as they were the only ones declared to have been killed during the attack. It was, however, told that the victim’ s body was found lifeless after the attack.

Will This Attack Continue This Way?

In this year alone, the Plateau State has witnessed several attacks by Fulani herdsmen. As a result of these attacks, some of the communities in the State have witnessed a disruption of daily toils. But will this attack continue this way?

To halt any attack that may be launched by some unidentified Fulani herdsmen in the future, the government needs to apply sure strategies that will uplift the affected and yet- to- be- affected communities from the menace often caused by these Fulani herdsmen which at the end, brings frustration to the lives of residents.


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