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ANTI- GRAZING: El- rufai Disappoints Southern Governors, Reveals What He Has Done To Fulani Herdsmen


The governor of Kaduna state has stated that the governors in southern Nigeria are wasting their time. He said the implementation of the anti- grazing bill in the south is a waste of time and human efforts, according to him, he said anti- grazing bill in southern Nigeria would not achieve any good result. Rather than pass the bill into law, he urged governors in the zone to look for another solution to their problems.


According to Daily Trust, Governor Nasiru El- rufai has stated that the governors of southern Nigeria have wasted their efforts and energy on the passage of the anti- grazing bill. Even though the law has been passed in many states in southern Nigeria, he said the states in the zone would not be able to achieve anything with the law. During a meeting in Kaduna state, he said he is prepared to introduce ranching and he has supported his people with over 7 billion naira out of the money needed for ranching.



Buttressing his point, he said Kaduna State will not join the state in southern Nigeria to condemn open grazing. Rather than ban Open Grazing, he said he would look for a way to build ranching fields in the state in other to support the Fulani Herdsmen and make life comfortable for them. Meanwhile, he said many of the laws which have been passed by governors in the south would not be practiced.


He said ” Kaduna State has a good plan for ranching field. We can not build a reaching field overnight but we have taken a great step and we will achieve what we want. In Kaduna State, we will look for a way to provide for the herders. Even though it is a hard thing to do, we will try. ”


” The governors in southern states have politicized open grazing. They have turned into a political game between the people. Even after passing the law, it would be nearly impossible for the governors in the region to implement it. “


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