ANTI- GRAZING LAW: Oyo State House Of Assembly Blows Hot, Tells Seyi Makinde What He Should Do Immediately

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The Oyo State House of Assembly members have advised the Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde to instantly make sure the anti- open grazing law is implemented.

It should be recalled that the anti- open grazing law bill was passed by the Oyo State House of Assembly members in October 2019.

The law prohibits grazing of livestock in public, streets, and within the towns across Oyo State.

Newsmen gathered that the law is yet to be implemented since 2 years ago when it was passed.

The law was a sequel to a bill introduced by some members of the House of Assembly.

The members of the Oyo State House of Assembly have however called on Seyi Makinde of the government to ensure implementation of the law.

During plenary on Thursday, the lawmakers also expressed concern over the possible rise in herdsmen/farmers clashes in most farming communities in the state.

The house maintained the position that there is the possibility of herders/farmers conflicts as the dry season is already approaching.

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The members of the Assembly then called on Seyi Makinde to put the necessary measures in place for the implementation of the Anti- Open Grazing Prohibition Law.

This was what the lawmakers concluded on while contributing to a motion on the need to put the necessary measures in place to prevent herdsmen/farmers’ clashes in Oyo State.

Part of the statement by the members of the Assembly reads, ” As the dry season is near, herdsmen and their cows from the fast drying Northern part of the country will be migrating down to the South West to get greener pastures for their cows.

” The concern now is that the herdsmen will not allow their cattle to graze uncultivated farmlands alone. Experiences in some months ago would should be a reminder of the bitter tales that our farmers have had to tell.


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