After Anticipating Sex For Long, Read What Happened On Our Wedding Night

Hello Editor,

I bring you good tidings. Happy Sunday!

I just got married last week and I feel like running out of the marriage already. I think I have made the biggest mistake of my life. I got married to the man of my dreams without getting my facts right. Due to my Born Again background, my husband and I never got intimate.

We never kissed or hugged for one day. He is a youth pastor in his church and I am the head of the intercessory team. I have lived a decent life. We avoided the temptations of sexual urges and promised to wait till our wedding night.

Everything went fine and we finally retreated to the hotel room at the end of the elaborate wedding party. I was so eager to have a taste of sex again after being celibate for years due to the demands of my faith. I jumped into the shower. I washed everywhere clean and laid flat on the bed with my legs spread wide, waiting for my man to do justice to my sweet body. To the greatest shock of my life, my husband couldn’t do anything.

He was giving excuses. I dragged him to myself and touched him down below. There was no erection at all. Everywhere was soft. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I later brought it out and put my mouth and nothing happened. He said he was dealing with stress and anxiety. I was in tears. I couldn’t sleep all night.

For days now, my husband hasn’t touched me. It appears he is impotent. He has been avoiding me in the house. I am so wet for him. I feel I am dreaming. I don’t know who to tell my story too. He told me he has never had sex in his life and he will need to learn.

I am about calling my parents to seek their advice. How are we going to have kids? Who will help satisfy my sexual urges? My sex drive has been high of late and I need it badly. I don’t want to cheat on him, I want my marriage to work.

Please, More Tribers, how can I handle this difficult situation. I am just 28, he wants to ruin my life. The world will laugh at me if they hear my story.

For young ladies out there, make sure he sleeps with you before marriage. Several men out there have real sexual problems.

Thanks for this opportunity, editor. You are such a blessing.

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