Anxiety As Lagos Proposes A 21-Year Prison Sentence For The Offence Of Open Grazing - Mc Ebisco Anxiety As Lagos Proposes A 21-Year Prison Sentence For The Offence Of Open Grazing - Mc Ebisco
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Anxiety As Lagos Proposes A 21-Year Prison Sentence For The Offence Of Open Grazing

Screenshot 2021 09 11 at 02 36 26 Anxiety as Lagos proposes a 21 year prison sentence for the offence of open grazing

The end of the open grazing deadline is approaching, and the Southern states that have yet to complete their open grazing bills are working hard to do so. Even though the Miyetti Allah, which is the umbrella for the herdsmen, is still kicking against the enactment of the bill, which they declare as satanic, the killer herdsmen’s activities are regarded as holy by the Miyetti Allah.

Some days ago, during the Lagos State process of enacting the anti-open grazing bill. The Miyetti Allah used the opportunity to beg the Lagos State Government to suspend the bill process, as a matter of urgency, stating that it would bring hardship to the pastoralists, because the rearing of the cows in the ranch would cost more funds. And this would influence the price of the commodity by about 2 million for a cow.

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As if the plea to Lagos State ignited the anger of the law makers. If passed into law, the penalty for open grazing will now be a 21-year prison sentence. This is likely going to scale through the legal process, since nobody is for the ugly trend of the herdsmen in any part of Nigeria, unless those who have fake sympathy for the herdsmen for one selfish reason or another. The South West has suffered untold hardship, poverty, hunger, and death at the hands of the killer herdsmen, prompting why the regional vigilante outfit, Amotekun, was established to curb the menace of the deadly groups.

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The issue of herdsmen activities was the reason why things like Seccession activities rose to stardom in the South West. That was the reason why Chief Sunday Igboho became prominent, after he declared war on the hersdmen. Today, Igboho is in detention in the Benin Republic after trying to escape to Germany because of the arrest order given by the DSS against him, after he failed to honor DSS invitation, following the invasion of his house by the DSS.

Today, the battle is becoming tougher for the hersdmen who are struggling to survive the ambush of the southern resolution in Asaba. The 21-year jail term is not 21days. The issue bordering on insecurity should be given a tough decision that would nip it in the bud. It’s not clear whether there is any other state in the South that has such a strong penalty for open grazing offense in Nigeria. That is the reason why some of the states that claim that they have related laws in place should do the needful, by reviewing the old laws to meet the needs of the day.

What do you think that Miyetti Allah would do about this?


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