Apart From Money, Check Out 5 Qualities Most Women Look For In Guys

Without wasting much of you time, we shall be talking on other factors women look for. Kindly remember to like, share, follow and comment with your opinions.

1. Ladies also check if a man is attentive to her feelings.

Most ladies do not say how they feel rather they prefer showing it or giving signs. Ladies are also attracted to guys that are mindful in the words they use. This is because ladies do not want to be with any man that talks carelessly

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2. Modesty and Humility

Women takes modesty as one of the major factors. Women believes that a man is a responsible man if he is humble. Also, woman loves any man that is not boastful because there are romantic.

Dear ladies, please do not take a man who is humble as a fool because humility isn’t foolishness.

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3. Ladies also check if the guy has respect for her.

Women will not want to be with any man who will disrespect them. Girls look for a man who has respect for her because ladies believes that any man who has respect for women can never assault or beat a woman.

4. Romance

The main aim of being in a relationship is because of romance. Women loves a romantic man. Women check out if a man is romantic or not because there will not want to be in a relationship that has no romance.

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6. Sense of humor

Generally a guy that has sense of humor attracts girls to himself. A guy with sense of humor can keep a relationship very lively. Women will love to be with a guy that can make her laugh with his jokes.

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