Apostle Johnson Suleman Declares 5 Things That Will Happen This Week

Every new week is welcomed with a new prophetic declaration from different men of God, Bishops, pastors, and other religious leaders, and this week is not left out as Apostle Johnson Suleman drops a new prophecy for the week.

The Senior Pastor of the Omega Fire Ministry made a declaration for the new week to his members, his followers, and anyone who keys into the prophecy by believing in it.


He listed out five different kinds of blessings that would follow as many who believe in the declaration. All the declarations are backed up by Bible verses. He quoted verses from the book of Jeremiah, Psalms, Luke, 1st Corinthians, and 1st John.

Before getting to the declaration, you should know that you are only as powerful as your faith is and you, therefore, have to believe in a declaration before it can work for you before it can come to pass in your life.

Here is the prophecy for this new week;


“This week

  1. God will remember you (Jeremiah 15.15)

  2. God will arise for you (psalms 68.1)

  3. God will favor you (Luke 2.52)

  4. God will increase you (I Corinthians 3.6)

  5. God will hear your prayers (I John n 5.14) In Jesus’ name.”

All you have to do to key into this prophetic declaration is to believe and have faith, it is the only way a prophetic declaration cab work in your life. Do have yourself a great week, free of troubles.

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