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Nowadays, a lot of guys find it very difficult to approach a girl they love, talk more of having a long chat with her. For this reason, I wrote this article in a very simple way, so that you can easily understand and also remember them, because that’s the purpose of it.

The best phrase to approach a girl

There is a real debate about approach sentences. Two schools stand out; that of direct approaches and that of indirect approaches.





The SSC school : Opt for a simple approach sentence , spontaneous and very clear .

Women being intuitive in nature, they will know right away if you approach them with phrases that have already been repeated hundreds of times.

A natural and spontaneous catchphrase

For the natural side, talk about how you felt when approaching it or a subject related to the environment around you.

Here is an example:

‘Hi, I saw you walking down the street and wanted to come and say hello. I think you have a super nice style and I would like to get to know you. I’ll take your phone number, so I can at least keep up with you… ‘

This simple approach will mean that you have confidence in yourself. Unfortunately, a lot of men are terrified of approaching a stranger and would rather die on the spot than go talk to her. Lol

Take into account that most women want men to take the lead . By taking action, you show that you have confidence in yourself .

Do not use a ready-made approach sentence. It is not the ‘sentence’ that matters, but the way of saying it.

You Should Learn To Respect A Lady You Want To Approach.

Here are the 3 things to respect when approaching a woman:

1) Have good energy.

You have to show that you are an energetic person, by being more dynamic than your interlocutor. It’s up to you to bring it back to your universe . If she does not look happy (maybe she had a bad day?), Your job will be to make it adhere to your state of mind .

2) Adopt a royal body language.

It’s not only about good energy. You have to make yourself look confident. Stand up straight , put your shoulders out and smile (as if you were being filmed). Don’t walk like a kid looking at your feet.

During your approaches, your body language will have a determining role.

3) Take care of your dress style.

You will be less pleasant if you adopt a sloppy style. But if you make the effort to style your hair and put on nice clothes, your approaches will be much more likely. to turn out for the better.

Changing my style has brought me a lot, whether with women or in the world of work. By doing this, you will see that the results are ultra positive .

If you have good energy , a royal body language and a good style , you will have every chance of going much further than a simple discussion with the women you meet.

The objective of this article is to make you understand that your approach should be simple, natural, spontaneous, clear and ESPECIALLY sincere.

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