Are You Still Eating Boiled Egg? See What It Does To Your Body

Eggs are important part of our daily meal. Egg is an example of one of the six classes of food which is protein. It is highly proteinous and people are advised to eat eat at least an egg a day especially children who are still growing and needs a good quantity of protein in their system to grow.

Proteins help to build the body and repair worn out tissues in the body. So this is one of the benefits of egg each time you eat it. It is important that we eat egg and also include it to our daily meal. “One egg provides more than six grams of protein or 13 percent of the recommended Daily Value (DV)” this was said by Dr. Mitch Kanter, the Executive director of the Egg Nutrition Center.

If you are still eating egg white, you are advised to keep it up. This is what egg white does to the body:

First of all, the egg white is different from the egg yolk. Egg white is the white soft layer covering the yolk Which is inside the egg white. This egg white also help to protect the baby chick growing inside the egg white if an egg is to be hatched.

Here is what happens when we eat egg white:

👉Because it contains high amount of proteins, it helps to repair weak tissues in the body.

👉Egg white contains high amount of potassium therefore it is good for heart disease patients. It equally helps to build the walls of the heart and prevent it from failing

👉Egg whites is recommended for those suffering one cardiovascular disease or the other because of its high content of Sodium

👉Also, it has no sugar or even cholesterol so egg white is recommended for people living with diabetes since a diabetic patient does not need sugar of any sort.

👉It is also good for your body especially for the body of people watching their cholesterol levels because egg white does not contain any atom of cholesterol.

👉We have seen the benefits of egg white, now we know that egg white should be eaten at all times because it keeps us healthy at all times and prevents us from falling sick.

Pictures credited to A Food Centric Life, Once Upon a Chef, Land O’Lakes

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