Armed Robbery Suspect Begs Police For Forgiveness After Being Arrested


Police arrested a 27- year- old suspect from a group of armed robbers suspected of activities in Abuja and neighboring countries.

The suspect, Christian Clifford, who allegedly delayed the robbery, escaped from the National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) twice and was handcuffed, The suspect was arrested on September 22 at a private hotel in the Kubwa metropolitan area by the Joint Rapid Response Team (I RT), and the rest of the gang were arrested.


In a statement filed with the police after his arrest, the suspect admitted that he had been robbed in several urban areas in Nassar and the provinces of Abuja and Keppi, and jumped from a police car into one of the places where police had previously been tortured him after being tried.

Although the suspect claims to be the real Plato, he was born in Takuma, Tarawa, where he and his siblings grew up before moving to Abuja, in the Karu district of Abuja, where a laptop was stolen.


However, Clifford said he has stopped participating in armed robberies and is now a registered photographer for the National Center for Women’ s Development, He also admitted that in 2015 he extorted from Jos Road, Keffi, Nassarawa, 18 million AD, several phones and other property. Clifford also told police that he managed to avoid arrest during a raid by the disbanded special forces. After tracking down a stolen phone.

He claimed to have bought the phone in question from a friend who allegedly introduced him to robbery, but police investigations revealed that the phone and others were stolen during a robbery operation at the GSM Village, Wuse Abuja.


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