As He Keeps Defending The Bandits, Gumi Should Not Forget That There Are Foreigners Among Them - Mc Ebisco As He Keeps Defending The Bandits, Gumi Should Not Forget That There Are Foreigners Among Them - Mc Ebisco
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As He Keeps Defending The Bandits, Gumi Should Not Forget That There Are Foreigners Among Them

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It is already an established fact that the famous Islamic cleric who has also been acting as a middleman between the federal government and the bandits wants forgiveness for the latter. As far as he is concerned, the heartless criminals are into banditry because they were also victims of kidnapping, cattle rustling and government’s neglect.

And it does not matter what they may have done against the other members of the public, including the government. He always throws his wait behind them, no matter how much he is resisted or criticised for taking such unpopular position. As a matter of fact, in the course of speaking in favour of them, he had even gone as far as tackling highly placed people and the institutions without recourse for their statuses. Some instances of such were when:

Screenshot 2021 09 15 at 03 19 39 As He Keeps Defending The Bandits Gumi Should Not Forget That There Are Foreigners Among...

1.) While granting an interview with a journalist about the hoodlums a couple of months ago, and the fellow tagged them as criminals, he instantly fired back that he (the journalist) was the real criminal, saying that it annoyed them to be so addressed.

2.) In his last Friday’s lengthened Facebook post in which he tackled the federal government for sending the Military forces to be bombing them in Zamfara State, he said that the February amnesty deal was thwarted by them (the federal government and the Military) due to their political gullibility.

In addition, he does not seem to mind falling out with anyone for the sake of standing up for the marauders. Such was the case of the hot trade of words between him and the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adeshina, after the aforementioned sociy media post of his. In the altercation, in response to the Presidential Aide terming him a bandit lover, he responded by calling him a bootlicker.

But there are many records to show that a vast number of the marauders are not even of NigerIan descents. They are simply foreigners who have migrated from the sister nations that share borders with the country. And they may also have influenced the NigerIans among them to comply with them in orchestrating the dastardly act of banditry.

Let us see below for some evidences that a vast number of the bandits are non-Nigerians:

1.) Just a couple of days ago, some of the outlaws who were fleeing from the ongoing onslaughts in Zamfara State stumbled on a soldier camp which led to a gun duel that led to the killings of many of them. And when the bodies of the dead ones among them were checked, it was discovered that they shared not even the slightest semblance to any NigerIan traces. That was in addition to their allegedly having mane (long hair).

2.) There have always been reports that the borders that NigerIa shares with such neighbouring countries as Benin Republic, Chad, Niger, Mali and Cameroon are not well manned, and thus, porous. And as a result, there have been mass migration of questionable foreigners who also smuggle deadly weapons into the country with little or zero restrictions.

3.) Besides the miscreants who make up the proscribed Boko Haram terrorists group not allegedly being Nigerians only, a pointer to this was the information about the group of 300 ISWAP urchins who waged war against Boko Haram members, and which led to the death of Abubakar Shekau. It is in record that the group was reportedly trained in Libya. Yet, the terrorists easily found their way into Sambisa forest in Borno State without qualms!

In a nutshell, Sheikh Gumi should reflect on the above tendencies that many of the bandits that are bent on bringing NigerIa to her knees might not be her citizens after all. And it might even be a reason why they do not have any iota of remorse in them.



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