“I Asked A Guy Sleeping Under The Bridge To Model For Us, See The Results”- Man

The opportunities we have in life are different and there’s no doubt that many are where they are because of the privilege they have which other do not. Indeed, fingers are not equal and we see stories that proves this everyday. Here’s another version of this kind of story that was spotted on twitter.

A fashion designer went for a shoot but his model was running late. He decided to use a guy named Ali who was sleeping under the bridge and the pictures came out real good. Here is how he narrated the story via his twitter page;

“I had a shoot today at ikeja, while were waiting for the model to arrive,we decided to meet with a guy(ALI) who was sleeping under the bridge to model for us . I would like to believe that Ali was born for this . His pose , his body structure and his skin tone was perfect.”

You can imagine how good the guy posed for the pictures. In different circumstances, you would agree that he would have been a wonderful and successful model. However, like I said, life doesn’t provide the same opportunities to us.

What do you think could be done to help this guy?

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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