If You Are Asking A Lady Out And You See These 3 Signs, Don’t Give Up, It Means She’ll Soon Say Yes.




We find ourselves in a society which is quite biased towards ladies when it comes to romantic relationships. In a typical African society, it is on the guy to ask a lady out, if he thinks he likes her, and more often than not, the ladies play hard to get, because it is what the society thinks it’s best.

In our society, it is quite hard to see a lady approach a guy she likes and confess her feelings to him, because many people have the mindset that it means she is cheap, which is totally wrong. Not just that, sometimes, even when the lady already like the guy, instead of just giving in and accepting his proposal, they delay and play hard to get and keep saying no while ask several questions.

This can be a very frustrating period for a man, especially if you really love the lady, as one is usually in a state of dilemma, wondering if to keep pressuring the lady if she’ll say yes, or to just give up and look for an alternative. However, in this article, I’ll be sharing some really useful tips that could help you in this state of confusion.





So, if a lady is showing some or all of these 3 signs I’ll be sharing in this article, it means she is most probably also interested in you also. All you need to do is apply a bit more pressure. Here are the signs;

  1. Attention; any lady who doesn’t like you will try as much as possible to not give you attention, so she’ll make sure she’s not sending the wrong signals, so she won’t pick your calls mist times, ignore your messages too and do all sorts. However, if a lady is also interested in you, no matter how much she denies her love, she will give you attention. She’ll listen to you when you talk, she will reply your messages on time and more. This is a very huge greenlight when you’re asking a lady out.

  2. Body Language; more often than not, ladies are quite comfortable communicating with their body language than their mouth at times. It is very important that a man is able to interpret the signs a lady is showing off whenever they are together or talking, to be able to know if she loves you or not. A lady that seems so uninterested in talking to you, or doesn’t seem excited about seeing you definitely doesn’t like you, but a lady that would say yes would be opposite of these.

  3. Care; ladies are naturally caring, so a lady who might actually say yes would care about you and your affairs to some extent.

So, if you see any of these signs in the lady youโ€™re currently asking out, then hold out for a while, she will most probably say yes.

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