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Atiku Breaks Silence As NASS Passed Into Law The Bill To Transmit Election Results In Nigeria


Ex- Vice President Atiku Abubakar has begun the process of resolving the disagreement over electronic transmission of election results between the National Assembly and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

As a result, Atiku stated in a statement issued by his media office that the harmonisation of positions or offices between the two institutions is an indication that democracy is growing and strengthening in the country.


In addition, he praised and thanked individuals and groups who took part in the public debate on the contentious issue, noting that ” by this outcome, I am convinced that public institutions in Nigeria will continue to play their roles as guardians of public policy. ”

Civil societies are the watchdogs of public policies and institutions, ” according to the statement.


Furthermore, ” probably we would not have come to this path without the active engagement of civil society agents. ”

” This outcome should further encourage and strengthen Nigerians and the civil society to do more in order to guarantee and ensure good governance in the country, ” the report concludes.


However, the transmission of election results has become a topic of public debate in recent years, owing to the fact that

Furthermore, INEC has made the general public aware of the objective, which is to explain the desirability of electronic transmission of results as an electoral reform issue in Nigeria today, as well as to clarify INEC’ s position on some of the key issues surrounding e- transmission of results.


Another reason, according to INEC, is ” to build a consensus on electronic transmission of results as an electoral reform issue based on a shared understanding of its desirability towards the 2023 general election. ”

As a result, INEC will continue with its plans to implement this process, and it is because of this that Atiku has been attempting to ensure a synergy between the two institutions, that is, INEC and the National Assembly.

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