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“Baba Yangu Mdogo Anamnyemelea Dada Yangu,” Man Cries For Help

Most people may argue or think that the crime of having sexual feelings with a parent, child, sibling, grandchild excreta is a long gone tale especially in this generation. This is because such relations are considered as a taboo in nearly every human culture around the world

. Another thing that might make people think that incest is a long gone tale is because it is outlawed in almost all parts of the world and especially here in Kenya where one can be imprisoned for not less than ten years if he or she attempts to commit the offence.

However, if you are one of those few individuals who still think that incest does not happen in Kenya then just reconsider your thoughts. A young man has come out crying for help claiming that his younger uncle is predating on her sister.

According to the man who shared the story live on radio, his uncle has been enticing her sister with sweet romantic words despite the fact that she is still young. The man is seeking for help and really wants to help her younger sister out of this mess.

What do you think makes a person fall in love with someone he/she knows they’re biologically related too? Kindly let’s share our thoughts and insights about this issue so that it can be of help to those who find themselves in such situations. Be blessed.


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