Bad Day For ISWAP Terrorists! See What Troops Did To Them In Borno


Friday, 19th of November, 2021, was a bad day for the terrorists of the Islamic States of West African Province (ISWAP) as it was made known to newsmen that some Nigerian soldiers had gunned down eleven members of the attacking terrorists in Borno.

It was said that the Nigerian army recorded this victory against the terrorists after they were about to ambush an area in Borno State. They had wanted to attack the area when the soldiers resisted them.

In a bid to resist these terrorists from ambushing the area, the Nigerian soldiers killed eleven of the terrorists.

It was said that when the ISWAP terrorists saw that they were being defeated, they began to flee for their lives.

” As usual, the terrorists were about a community in Borno State, when the gallant Nigerian soldiers immediately came to rescue the residents of the community. They engaged the ISWAP terrorists with guns and as a result, eleven of them were deprived of their lives. ”

When the ISWAP terrorists saw that they could do nothing other than to flee, they took to their heels.

It was said that as they took to their heels, the Nigerian soldiers who had resisted their operation ran after them. They pursued them to eradicate every one of the terrorists who operated during the attack.

During the time that this article was composed, there have been no suppositions that more of the terrorists have been killed.

It is, however, likely that more of the terrorists would have been killed because as at the time it was learned from an observer, eleven members had lost their lives after when the soldiers kept pursuing the terrorists. This is yet to be ascertained but surmised by the writer.

Furthermore, it is a good thing that the Nigerian soldiers had put more effort into the fight against ISWAP terrorists after it was reported days ago that a Brigadier- General and other officials with him were brutally killed by the terrorists.


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