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Bad Mother Pours Boiled Water On Her Son For Not Waking Up Early.

Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie has shared a very touching story of a wicked mother who poured boiled water on her son for not waking up earlier enough.

The mother of about 29-30 year old gave birth to this boy after being raped at the age of 13, this might have made her develope a hate for this innocent boy and has subjected him to severe treatment ever since.

Narrating the story, Angela wrote:

Pls read,My eyes are filled wit tears as I typ, I hv never seen smthing lik this in my entire life, nt even in my wildest imaginations especially from a biological mother to her own first son n first child,level of hate that I can’t have for even my worst enemy,the story of a young boy of 17 DESTINY as early as 5:48a.m 25th/10/2019 a mother poured boiled water on her first son while he was still sleeping, what a wicked way of waking someone up, Just because he didn’t wake up on time to make her water to bath n start washing the many clothes she kept for him, even though the boy slept late prv night from trying to finish up with the works she gave him , this is not the first time, it happens lik evryday, b4 this was whn she hired boys to beat him up, until neighbors came to his rescue, each time this things happen we kept on investigating to see what the young boy had done but nothing, until I thought he should return to his father if the mother have this level of hate for him without reason,then found the mistery behind the hate,his mother is about 29 or 30th she had him while she was very Young at 13 by rape from 3 or 4 men,since then the innocent boy has been goin through hell for something that was never his doin, pls I don’t even know what to typ right now my heart is heavy my eyes with tears, what hurts me the most is the fact that I’m not in the position to help him, if someone doesn’t help this boy today she might kill him soon, I don’t know how to go about this but I know the power of social media, help me tag anyone you know with big heart,any ministry interested in cases like this, please this is all I ask,i have all needed information about him,the boy is still with me,under going treatment,The first treatment was from a clinic but had to take him for native treatment as recommended because he was crying from pain.

Watch Video Below:

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