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BAD NEWS For Bandits As 6 A- 29 Super Tucano Jets From USA Touch Down In Kano Airport


In a surprising move, while Today marks the 61st anniversary of Nigerian independence, Nigeria has taken delivery of the final batch of A- 29 Super Tucano aircraft originating from the United States.

The aircraft arrived two months after the first delivery of six A- 29 Super Tucanos aircraft.


The A- 29 Super Tucanos were delivered to the desert and Jungle camouflage along with a support plane Donier arrived at Kano state airport in the northern region of the country.

The jets will be parked at Nigeria’ s Kainji Air Force Base, Niger State, in which support facilities were built by a team of professional engineers.


All the 12 A- 29 Super Tucano aircraft were delivered to the Nigerian Air Force as the last 6 aircraft was ordered from the United States landed in Kano state yesterday right prior to the September deadline set by the Nigerian Air Force.

This is an important step forward for the Nigerian army and the entire West African region as the A- 29 Super Tucano jets will enable effective and in- depth aerial surveillance and reconnaissance operations in the region.


This development is equally good news for the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) and bad news for the notorious bandits, Boko Haram, kidnappers, terrorists, and criminals all over this country.

However, the A- 29 Super Tucano is a very high- speed jet. It could cover a large area in no time searching for bandits. The speed of that jet will not leave enough time for the bandits to aim and shoot it down.


This jet is also called a ” light attack aircraft” as a result of its ability to target criminals hiding in bushes and other narrow areas. It features a general- purpose bomb and guided air- to- land and air- to- air missiles.

Once the Jet discovers a hideout belonging to notorious bandits, a missile may be sent from a distance to destroy their safety base, the notorious bandits would not even have a chance to return.


The A- 26 Tucano is also armed with two 12. 7mm machine guns mounted on the wings that can fire 1100 rounds per minute, I don’ t believe there’ s a gun in the possession of bandits that can be used to block an attack on that jet.


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