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Bad news for Israel as advanced fighter jets worth millions of shekels gets damaged in floods

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Israeli miltary officials in an official statement says that up to tens of millions of shekels could have been avoided as civil authorities and soldiers point accusing fingers at each other
A heavy rainfall that raged across Israel last week caused a lot of damage to fighter jets and maintenance equipment at an base located in the southern part of Israel.

In addition to this raging menance, the Israeli Defence forces had to rescue some Israeli service men whom were trapped in the area where the planes were located and fortunately no casualties were recorded.

In a press conference, an Israeli Air Force high-ranking official admitted Monday that at least eight of Israel’s most advanced fighter jets were damaged beyond recognition adding that it could have been prevented if the military had prepared for the heavy rains in advance.

The officer also blaimed the civil authorities for failing to build drainage systems in the area saying that the Israeli Airforce is incapable of draining the flood waters by it self.

Although some maintenance equipment were damaged, the military refused to answer any weapons of war like missiles and bombs were among the damaged equipments.

However, with the state their aircrafts are in, the military assured the people that even though their fighter jets are damaged, it’s still capable of carrying out it’s duty and warns it’s enemies not to take advantage of the moment.

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