TOO BAD! A Young Lady From South Africa Shares Rapæ Experience On Social Media.

A young lady from South Africa who goes by the name Nomathenda on social media has openly come out to speak about a rape experience she went through.

rapæ as most people know is still ongoing in this twenty-first century and even though a lot measureds has been put in place to prevent them from happening it has not come to a complete stop.

According to the post on her Twitter page, she was rapæ and abused by her neighbor in whom she had a lot of trust. She said it happened after she asked her neighbor to escourt her to her house, upon reaching home, the neighbor forced himself on her and begun to strangle her.

Her question she posed to her followers was how she is supposed to continue living after such an experience. She even went ahead to advice ladies to always carry pepper spray. Whiles many people sympathized with her, others chastised her for even taking pictures to post on social media.

She further posted the picture of the man who did that to her, for help in finding him as he went missing after the incident was reported to the police. See post below.


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