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Bandits Abduct 330 Boys From Katsina, 200 Islamic Pupils From Niger And Nothing Stops Them – Reno

Bandits and Boko Haram are still disturbing the peace of the country, and the Nigerian army are doing all they can to stop them.

Reno Omokri tweeted earlier that bandits abduct 330 boys from Katsina and drive to Jigawa, they abduct 200 Islamic pupils from Niger and nothing stops them, not even soldiers.


Reno Omokri then added in his tweet that in South East, we have more troops per square mile than you have in Sambisa. He said that he support military action to provide security, but it’s supposed to be balanced.

Many people are reacting to this tweet of Mr Omokri. Someone commented that in the South East, they are targeting their usual prey which they called unarmed innocent civilians, and they are killing many people.


He said that last night, soldiers were going from house to house abducting people and doing the needful to them. He said that this experience is very scary.

Below are screenshots of many other comments Mr Omokri got after tweeting this.

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