Bandits' Takeover Of Zamfara Military Base Discredits Sheikh Gumi's Call For Amnesty - Mc Ebisco Bandits' Takeover Of Zamfara Military Base Discredits Sheikh Gumi's Call For Amnesty - Mc Ebisco
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Bandits’ Takeover Of Zamfara Military Base Discredits Sheikh Gumi’s Call For Amnesty


For quite a long period of time now, Zamfara state has been the hotbed of bandits activities; they kill, destroy and abduct innocent citizens for ransom.

Their activities went overboard some weeks ago, prompting the shutdown of all telecommunication networks in the state. The state government later announced that it was done to checkmate their activities and to stop them from communicating with one another.


Despite this move, it seems their activities have not reduced. A recent report which was released by Peoples Gazette revealed that a military base in Zamfara was overrun by armed bandits. The report revealed that 12 security operatives; 9 air Force Officers, 2 police officers and 1 Nigerian army soldier were all neutralised in the attack.

This recent attack marked a major setback in the campaign to stop the activities of armed bandits in the state and further discredits Sheikh Gumi’ s call for Amnesty.


The controversial Nigerian Islamic cleric, for some time now have asked the Nigerian government to grant amnesty to bandits as a way of resolving the lingering crisis facing the North West region of the country.

If it is actually true that these group of bandits want to repent, they would not have attacked a military base killing innocent Security Operatives. Now, Sheikh Gumi who claimed that the bandits are willing to surrender will have to retract his words, judging by the recent attack that was launched by them.


This particular attack took place around 10: 30 am on Saturday. The Bandits struck a forward operating Base in mutumji, Dansadua about 80 kilometers south of Gusau.

Now that you’ ve seen how these killer bandits have attacked another Nigerian Military Base, do you think they deserve amnesty? Kindly click on the comments section and share your views and thoughts with us.




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