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If You Have A Bank Account With Any Bank, Then Take Note Of This Vital Information

Your bank details are very confidential,if you have a bank account then you need to read this in order to secure your account from fraud and avoid the ‘had I known’ lament of the after occurrences. Now, the amount of internet fraudulent activities are increasing rampantly, especially with the cases of duping people of their hard earned money. Be not deceived, you can be duped irrespective of where you choose to carry out you financial stacking (bank).

These fraudsters have different methods of retrieving your information but the rather amusing part is that it is actually you who give it to them. Yes,and I will be explaining an also giving you ways on how to prevent and recognise fraudsters from the genuine.

Firstly, some of us might have in certain periods received phone calls from unknown numbers saying that your account has been blocked that in other to retrieve it immediately you should call a certain number,brethren,its a trap! If you eventually call the number they will request for either your BVN or a special code on your ATM card.

Once you give it to them they will have complete access to your hard earned money. And it is very vital to note that if your account has problems,your bank us going to request your presence there and not resolve it over the telephone line,please be guided.

Most at times these fraudsters are in the same room carrying out these operations, so do not be misled, no bank would resolve their customers issues or problems on the phone, your presence has to be needed in the bank.

Secondly, avoid websites that demand for your BVN if they are not government oriented. Many people do not know the value of BVN,it us as important as your ATM card, once you leek the identities if the digits to anyone,you might as well just have to kiss away your life savings. Your BVN is important, keep it confidential! Many people fall victim of fraud because they don’t know the meaning/importance of the BVN,but today you have gotten an eye opener on how important it is.

Now,what happens if you still forget about what you just read above and fall victim of the above mentioned? Well you still have a glimpse of hope,now the moment you realise that it might be a fraud,rush to your bank in the quickest time possible, do not waste a single moment,go and explain your predicament to the customers service section of your bank and immediate actions would be taken to ensure that no transaction would be made on that account and your money would be safe.

But most of all we should always beg the Almighty God for divine protection, because many fraudsters apply the use of charms such that the moment you answer the call you fall under the diabolic influence to do as they say,but with the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ you shall be saved.

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