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A Banker’s Wife is Allegedly 3 Months Pregnant For Her Children Lesson Teacher

Infidelity is gradually becoming a norm in marriages today and with the way the thing is going, it will soon become a norm and legal.

One of the things that can easily break a happy home, is extra-marital affair on one or both partners. Unfaithfulness in marriage is as dangerous as anything you can think about as it’s capable of dropping love and affection from 100% to – 50% in a split second.

A banker’s wife has reportedly gotten pregnant for a lesson teacher, her busy husband hired for their children.

According to a twitter user who posted this online this morning, the woman is already 3 months pregnant for the unnamed lesson teacher.

Attention and time has become the most common excuse been used by unfaithful wife of a workaholic husbands, but to me that is never the case as it either shows that the wife is either promiscuous or, there was no love from inception for the husband.

Most of these unfaithful wives are mostly in love with their husband’s money, status and brighter future. They are materialistic and such people are known and easily identified through test of time.


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