Bbnaija: 2 Reasons Yousef Affairs With Angel Might Get Him Evicted Soon -

Bbnaija: 2 Reasons Yousef Affairs With Angel Might Get Him Evicted Soon


I saw somewhere the question; will Yousef push for a ship with Angel? And I thought why should he? Pushing for a relationship with Angel will be a terrible move for Yousef, and it can lead to his early eviction.

It is worth mentioning that coming this far for Yousef came as a surprise to many followers of the show. But it is now clear that he has a huge fanbase which majority of them are silent on social media. With these silent admirers, Yousef has a potential to stay in the house for the next couple of weeks, if not till the last day.

However, trying to bond with Angel or persist with their aggressive romance is not likely to end well for Yousef because;

Angel is not in the BBNaija to love


By now, everyone, including her fellow housemates, should have realized Angel would keep being a Playgirl in as much as she is in the Biggie’ s house. All those flirty moves with the male housemates are just her way of delivering the contents she believes her fans would like to see. Falling in love with Ange just because of her moves won’ t have a good ending for any housemate including Yousef.


We saw how it ended for Ozo over Nengi last year. The thing is, it will be verny difficult for a housemate to pursue unrequited love without losing his composure in the process. The game requires housemates to be in a good frame of mind, be in control of their moves and utterances.

The moment a housemate starts being unnecessarily emotional and irritating to his or her fans, that is when home comes calling. Hope Yousef is aware of this.

Yousef’ s Fanbase


There is no gain saying that the majority of Yousef’ s fans are Muslim BBNaija viewers. And it is good that they are still finding his romance with Angel entertaining. Muslims, whether residing in the north or west, have limits to the level of perceived immorality they can condone on television.


As Angel is a free person who can do anything anywhere and she will be fine, Yousef needs to be careful so that his Muslim fans don’ t start sensing immorality on his part and end up losing their favour.

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