BBNAIJA! 5 Unique Things Angel Smith And Dorathy Bachor Have In Common


There are some current Big Brother Naija, Shine Ya Eye housemates who, share some lifestyles and characteristics with the former Reality show Housemates. One of which is Angel Smith.

Angel Smith, a housemate in the ongoing Big Brother Naija reality show has displayed characteristics that are comparable to those of Dorathy Bachor, a former season 5 housemate.

Below are some of the attributes both housemates have in common;

They both draw attention to themselves:


Dorathy Bachor was in the headlines almost every day throughout season 5 of BBNaija, so does Angel Smith who consistently catches the audience’ s attention for one reason or another.

They are both open minded:

Both Dorathy and Angel are a little funny and open minded when it comes to reacting to events, as they frequently react furiously. Nonetheless, they are both good- hearted, as they rarely hold grudges. They are always straight to the point and do not pretend.

They have Comportment:


Angel and Dorathy Bachor have a similar fearlessness and boldness in the house with anyone, including Biggie.

During communication, they don’ t fidget, feel scared, or put on a show. They are always themselves and do not try to assume another personality.

They are both beautiful:

Dorathy Bachor, an ex- BBNaija housemate, and Angel Smith, the current season’ s housemate, are both beautiful and ever charming. They are greatly admired by the opposite genders.

Happy and unafraid to interact with others:


Dorathy knows how to relate with everyone, both inside and outside the Big Brother Naija housd, and she knows how to make her surroundings a little more vibrant. We’ ve witnessed this way of life in Angel on several occasions.

That isn’ t to say that they don’ t have times when they are disconnected from their surroundings, but when they are connected, they are free to interact with everyone and make no distinctions.

They are usually seen with positive vibes. Infact, there is no dull moment with both Angel and Dorathy. They always have gists to bring to the table.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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