BBNAIJA: Checkout 2 Reasons Why Whitemoney May Lose To Liquorose


In a matter of days, the sixth season of Big Brother Naija will be over. We’ ve seen people from all walks of life join together in recent weeks to express themselves on a live show with millions of viewers. These people connect with people with whom they feel at ease and provide us with a wealth of high- quality content. Big Brother has not stopped entertaining Nigerians with numerous activities such as head of house games, brand duties, and other amusements.

Drama, parties, conflicts, reconciliations, and’ situationships’ have dominated the past few weeks. Unfortunately, all wonderful things must come to an end at some point. With the majority of the housemates ousted, the winner of the $90 million grand prize is nearly guaranteed. Many people believe Whitemoney will win the season this year; however, I disagree since there is another strong challenger in the house who could unseat him. Liquorose is a powerful candidate in a variety of ways, and as a result of these two factors, she could win:


  1. Liquorose Has A Larger Fan Base Than Whitemoney: While Whitemoney has a large fan base, Liquorose appears to have a larger following because she was a successful dancer before entering the Big Brother house. Liquorose, who has over 1. 4 million Instagram followers, is well on her road to winning the grand prize of 90 million.


  1. Whitemoney Has Veered Off Course: Whitemoney has had a tumultuous few days, especially with his’ situation’ with Queen. Because of her flirting tendencies, Queen has been making it tough for him to advance in the game. She has undoubtedly demonstrated that she possesses the key to Whitemoney’ s heart and that she may be used as a distraction. This should not, however, prevent you from casting your vote for your favorite housemate. Keep voting for your favorite to keep them in the game.


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