Bbnaija Drama! “Where Have You Been? ” Saga Questions Nini After Her Return To The House


Big Brother Naija’ s Saga has shown so much excitement over the return of his love interest, Nini into the house.

Nini left the Big Brother house on Tuesday to begin the secret mission she was assigned.

During a diary session, Biggie advised Nini to flee the house for 24 hours by using a secret emergency exit upstairs.


Saga was saddened by her disappearance, and he wept and refused to interact with the other housemates.

She reappeared later that morning, surprising housemates who had assumed she had been booted for being a phony housemate.

Nini, on the other hand, came into the house at 3 a. m. on Thursday.

Pere, who was the first to notice her, alerted the others in the home.


Saga, ecstatic but perplexed, pleaded with Nini to tell him what had happened and where she had gone.

Even when she detailed when he was crying and other events in the house yesterday, Nini insisted that she had been in the house.

Saga said: ” I’ m happy to see you, where have you been?

” We searched for you everywhere, don’ t say you were in this house or your Edo people used witchcraft to hide you.


” It wasn’ t funny when you were not around, that’ s why I cried. So you’ re going to tell me what happened because I don’ t believe you’ ve become invisible. ”

Nini did not reveal her secret mission to him when she responded, claiming she had been in the house.

Nini said: ” I’ ve been here in the house, You didn’ t search, I saw you crying and wondered why you were crying.

” I didn’ t go anywhere like you think, be calm. ”


Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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