BBNAIJA: See Pere Reaction The Moment Nini Sneak Back Into The House


Big Brother is fond of causing drama between the housemates which make the show more interesting to watch. Though, Pere understood the game perfectly and that is the reason he was eager to know when Nini will step into the house. However, Nini has been trending on social media lately after she returned from her hiding place.

The viewers and housemates reacted badly because of the emotional trauma Saga went through. Though, the housemates waited for Nini to return before they carryout their task and to their greatest surprise Big Brother told them to do the the presentation.


The housemates was wondering if all is well with Nini, though after they finished their presentation, Big Brother told them to look for Nini and if they couldn’ t find her they should park her belongings and drop it in the store room.


However, the moment Nini was returning from her hiding place, Pere caught her as she was tip toeing into her room. Immediately, Pere woke Saga and told him Nini has returned and Saga rushed to her room and she was already lying down. Saga was happy the moment he saw Nini and started to smile.


However, some housemates knew it was a prank because there’ s no way someone will leave the house without Big Brother noticing it. Saga said the reason he was crying is because his mother died the same way Nini disappeared, he woke up in the morning and found out his mother was no more.


He said Nini sudden disappearance remind him of so many things and he can’ t bear the pain of losing someone he love. Pere actually did a good job thereby searching all the corners of the house in order to catch Nini. Nini and Saga are good friends right from the day they came into the house and they can’ t do without sitting close to each other.


Saga care about Nini to the extent of telling Big Brother in diary room the day they will evict Nini he will seek for voluntary exit. Saga was worried when Nini left the house, thank God he’ s feeling better now.


Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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