BBNAIJA! ! ! She Gave Me Her Car For My Media Tour And That Alone Melted My Heart – Whitemoney Says


Are you aware that Whitemoney isn’ t emotionally attracted to his friend, Queen, and that he doesn’ t want to have any kind of relationship with her? However, with his latest revelation during an interview, that story appears to be changing.

He, on the other hand, revealed that he likes her just as much as she does, noting that they are both attracted to each other even now, and as such, she is someone he has already decided to pursue after the show. When asked how he was able to deal with all of the emotional pressure while in the house, he replied that it wasn’ t easy for him, but that for the sake of the game, he needed to control himself so that he didn’ t get distracted.


Furthermore, he stated that one thing he admires about her is that she is honest about her feelings for him. He mentioned that he was scared for her at one point because he knows how fragile she is and doesn’ t want her to be dragged by his people, who may have assumed she went into the show to chase after a man.

Finally, he stated that she did something incredible that caught his attention when he wanted to use public transportation to attend one of his media rounds yesterday. But, because there was no other vehicle available besides the one he won, which he said he didn’ t want to use for such a long journey, she offered him her car (a Prado jeep) to drive him to the venue, and he said that alone warmed his heart.


She gave me her car to use for my media rounds yesterday, and that alone warmed my heart- Whitemoney

Shippers, the question is whether this new revelation is a sign of better things to come between them.


Queen Gave Whitemoney her Prado Jeep

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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