BBNaija: Two Possible Reasons Why Angel Said She Regrets Being Close To Jackie B And Maria


Angel was recently asked whether there was anything she would like to take back during one of her media appearances. In response to the question, the reality TV star stated that she would like to retract her belief that people were straightforward with her.

She went on to say that she liked Maria and Jackie B, but that seeing some video recordings outside the house made her regret being close friends with them. Therefore, in this article, I will be highlighted 2 possible reasons why Angel revealed that she regrets being close friends with Maria and Jackie B.


Jackie B Accused Her Of Stealing

Recall that during her time in the BBNaija house, Jackie B Accused her of borrowing her sneakers and refusing to refund them back to her. Jackie B claimed Angel told her she didn’ t know where she kept the sneakers after she had hidden them somewhere.

She also accused Angel of stealing Peace wigs and eyelashes. Angel, who thought she was Jackie’ s friend in the BBNaija house, wasn’ t pleased with the accusations.


Maria Accused Her Of Flirting

Maria previously stated in a Diary Session with Big Brother while in the show that she dislikes Angel because she tried to flirt with Michael, whom Jackie B had already expressed interest in.

Maria was enraged because, despite Jackie’ s declaration that she likes Michael, Angel dared to break the girl’ s code by flirting with him.


Meanwhile, Maria, an ex- BBNaija housemate, has already apologized to Angel’ s father for statements she made on the show regarding his daughter. But it seems already is yet to forgive her.


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