BBNaija: Why Whitemoney Decided To Give Part Of His Money To The 2 People He Mentioned


It’ s no longer news that the Big Brother Naija season six is over the and the winner has already been declared, it was luckily the expected person, Whitemoney. He won the show and went home with lots of cash prizes. Whitemoney had earlier made it known that when he emerged winner of the show he was going to dash part of the cash prize to two people, however, is yet to be confirmed whether he has fulfilled that promise and that as well is not the focus of this article.


Indeed, Whitemoney has been confirmed the winner of the BBNaija reality TV show, the ” shine your eyes” edition. As promised, Whitemoney is going to give out a certain amount from the N90 million won to the two people he has picked.

Here are the two sets of people that Whitemoney has mentioned to gets some amount of money from the N90 million he won;


  1. One of the people that Whitemoney has penned down to enjoy from his cash prize is Cross. He promised that he was going to give the sum of N5 million to Cross if he came out as the winner of the show. Now he has been crowned the winner and we all know that promise made is a promise kept, Cross will definitely be expecting to get the money from Whitemoney.


  1. The other set of people that Whitemoney promised to give part of his money to is the ‘ Streets’ . Whitemoney has always been heard talking about the importance of the people in the street, he has now considered them as part of the people who will enjoy from his N90 million. He promised not to give less than 10% back to the people in the street.


Why has Whitemoney picked Cross and the people In the street to get parts of his N90 million? Here is why Whitemoney might have chosen to do that;

Whitemoney is always fond of enjoying Cross’ s company as his fellow housemate, and in every issue that needs the support of others in the BBNaija house, Cross has always stood to support him. Perhaps, this is why Whitemoney has thought of replicating a similar gesture to cross by giving him N5 million out of the N90 million he won.


The street on the other is those people that Whitemoney considered as his support system. He has described himself several times as a ” street boy” . Whitemoney believes that the street has contributed to this progress so far, as such he is giving back to the street as a form of appreciation for the love they have shown him.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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