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Beautiful! See Tiwa Savage Stunning Pictures Without Make Over

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The ‘all over’ coroner and the single mother of one stunningly intimidate Instagram users with her natural and make-over free face, but still stunning and glowing as usual in the pictures.

Tiwa is someone believed by many to be addicted to artificial stuff like make-over, and this brings about a mammoth surprise as she appears with none in a longtime.

Though, it’s very hard to believe that she could still be as beautiful as she was without applying any make-over. Looking fresh and glowing, she was seen smiling and revealing some part of her glistening teeth in one picture while the other one seems like she was captured unaware.

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Despite escapades of repugnant trolls amidst rumor of love affairs between her and the afro-beat superstar, Wizkid , she doesn’t look concerned or bothered about anything. Erstwhile, Wizkid declared to get married this year but yet to reveal the person he’s getting married to unlike Davido who is going to marry chioma this year also.

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Many suggestions had gone viral on whether Tiwa is the one or not the one Wizkid will publicly profess and propose his love to. What could stir up buzz and seems like an hindrance is the fact that Tiwa is much older than the Starboy boss, and on the other hand doesn’t look like hindrance has they both ignore the public tantrums during their rumored but unclarified affairs.

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Few days ago Tiwa celebrates her 40th birthday still looking like someone in her early 20s while Wizkid is yet to celebrate his 30th birthday.

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