‘I Was Begging Them That My Son Was Innocent But They Shot Him Dead In Front Of Me’ – Mrs. Victoria

A distraught mother, Mrs. Victoria Agori has shared gory details of how her son, Daniel Agori was allegedly killed by members of the Nigerian Police Force in front of her on the 11th of May, 2019. Mrs. Victoria cries out for justice during an interview with Root TV as she narrates what transpired between the Police and his son.

Narrating how the incident happened, the distraught mother says that the entire issue started when the deceased, Daniel, and his girlfriend had an issue with Daniel’s elder sister over a piece of clothing. The sister was annoyed and in order to teach her brother a lesson, she invited her boyfriend, Victor Nelson who was a Police Officer to come and flog her brother and his girlfriend so they would learn to respect her as their senior, little did she know that it would cost her brother’s life.

Mrs. Agori says that if she did not witness the issue, she would not believe the story. She said it was a minor domestic issue but it left an indelible mark on her family forever. She said that the Police stormed their house that they got information that her son, Daniel was involved in a Kidnap of a 90-year-old woman.

The deceased that was accused of kidnapping a 90-year-old woman


She told them that they were wrong and her son was innocent of all the allegations. She said they did not listen as they tied her son right before her and they took them to the Police Station. She said that one of the officers pointed his gun at her son and shot him dead right in front of her. While she was crying, she said other officers came to drag her and locked her inside a cell in the station.

She said she has locked inside her the female cell when they started packing her son’s blood right in front of her. She said that she begged them but they did not listen. Mrs. Agori claims that the Police also harassed her that she is also a kidnapper as they told her to open her legs and they allegedly inserted a gun in her private part.

Mrs. Agori says that they finally let her go after she had written her statement the following day but since then, she has not set her eyes on her son’s corpse. She said they did not release the body of Daniel to her for proper burial and it has been over 2 years now.

While testifying before the judicial panel of inquiry on Human Rights Violation by SARS, one of the accused officers, DCP Yusuf says that they received a tipoff that Daniel was a member of a kidnap gang and his family members were covering up his criminal activities. He said he and his colleagues arrested Daniel based on this information they got. He said that they recovered a locally-made single barrel from the deceased during their operation.

Officer Yusuf

However, Mrs. Agori disputes what the Officers said as she said that ‘Because I refused to agree to a backyard settle, look at all what they are saying. They are saying all kinds of lies.’ Mrs. Agori begs that the Police should at least give her the body of her son so that she can lay him to rest.

The distraught mum, Mrs. Agori

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