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Beware: These Are Some Fetish Charms Some Women Wear On Their Waists To Attract Wealthy Wealthy Men

In Africa, even though Islamic religion and Christianity have overshadowed everywhere, elements of fetish practices abound. There are many people who wear different kinds of armbands and waist bands, these people wear it for different reasons.

Some women wear waist bands to protect themselves from evil, some wear it to wad off spiritual husbands, others wear it for beauty but yet, there are others who wear waist bands to attract wealthy and rich suitors for marriage. They believe that these charms are capable of bringing Good luck to the wearer.


In some cultures, women who are nearing their primes are made to wear waist bands to attract suitors immediately. The wearers sleep with it and bath with it. Some charms have been exposed on the waist of women by mistake. Often times, some men become afraid when they see these charms.

Nowadays, some people have modernized the charms to make it look like beautiful ornaments but in truth, they are not ornaments but charms. They make the charms look beautiful so that men will not be scared on seeing the charms. Sometimes, these charms protect women from rape. The man will not get erection on seeing the charms.

Will you marry women who wear these charms?


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