BEWARE!!! "See What Contact Lens Did To Me" - Nigerian Lady Cries Out (VIDEO) - Mc Ebisco BEWARE!!! "See What Contact Lens Did To Me" - Nigerian Lady Cries Out (VIDEO) - Mc Ebisco
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BEWARE!!! “See What Contact Lens Did To Me” – Nigerian Lady Cries Out (VIDEO)


A Nigerian lady took to social media to advise young girls to stop wearing contact lens.

The lady who is yet to be identified said her love for contact lens has cost her one of her eyes.

According to her, she has been partially blind in her right eye for about a month now and has been spending money trying to remedy the situation but with no positive result.

Now she can only see with her left eye.

From the video, it appears she was sleeping with the contact lens on.

The lady then pleaded with bloggers to help her disseminate the warning to people who love using it.

Read What She Wrote Below

“I am saying this to my fellow girls putting on contact lens like me, ehen, me I am a contact lens lover but see my eye now, see as my eye be.

Now see my right eye now, I can not see with the eye anymore. It is only my left eye now that I am using to see.

I have spent money. This is going to be a month now. I can’t see with my right eye all because of the contact lens. ”


Strangely, a lot of persons did not agree with her. Some opined she bought a fake contact lens or she used it wrongly.

Read Some Reactions Below

You just don’t advise people not to do something because you had a negative experience. Millions use contact lenses without any problems around the world. What went wrong in her case? That’s more educated than just telling people not to use the lenses

Even if it’s fake or original, there are limits to fashion and beauty .. the lens is not even part of it at all. You don’t need that before you lose both eyes all bcoz of cat eyes, you go get cataract eyes 😢

Is not easy to be a fine girl 😂😂why you go sleep with contact lens on

You bought fake 🙄🙄

I never liked it. I don’t play with my eyes!

Seriously modesty is required, common eye lashes I will be crying, water go dey run tap for my eye, I pray u get healed😢😢


My big girl no reach where my eyes before sha🤷🏾 no matter the beauty, the guy I no wear😂

Why will you sleep with a contact lens?

Aunty I am an optometrist (an eye doctor ) pls don’t misinform the public .. we have d regular contact lenses n we have extended wear contact lenses( which u can sleep with).. either u bought a bad product or u slept with the regular contact lens. That may have caused a cornea ulcer/ scar which wasn’t properly treated ..

Some people wear recommended contact lens for years and have never developed any eye problems, if you take care of it well, you won’t have problems.

The one in ur nose nko😂😂😂 wetin dey do u no pain you

The addicts go soon say she buy fake one🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♀️ too much of everything they say is bad. Be wise out there

Contact lenses do not only make you feel beautiful

The medicated ones for people who wear glasses give us a chance to have an unrestricted vision, wider field of view, put on makeup without worrying about our glasses hiding the face beat, if you do sports or you are active it allows you to maintain your active lifestyle…

The problem is lack of information- a lot of people get lenses from the wrong source and at the same time they don’t listen to instruction

Certain things you shouldn’t do with lenses on are swimming, sleeping with the daily wear lenses, using water to store the lenses-

Contact lenses are not bad we just need proper information and awareness

From slaying to blindness 😂😂😂😂 sorry sis

Aunty you’re using it slays. We that have eye problems wear it and remove it as prescribed. No o?

People should stop sleeping with lenses, remember to trash them after 3 years max.. remember to disinfect them…

Take care of your lens and wear it properly..



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