BEWARE: You Will Continue To Suffer If You Keep Doing This In The Church


Many Christians deny receiving miracles without their knowledge. They go to church regularly, asking God for miracles and if miracles fail to come, they blame God or the pastor for not praying enough.

God answers prayers but some bad situations can prevent God from answering your prayers. Below are four attitudes that may hinder your blessings from reaching you.

*Pride In the Face Of God


On numerous occasions, the Bible describes how God hates people who feel too bossy and conceited. Despite these warnings, many people are still showing this trend in the church. Some people do not kneel before God in church while praying even when the pastor is on his kneels. They act with contempt as if they wanted to help God.

If you can not be submissived before God, never ever expect Him to bless you. He exalts the humble and despised the proud.

*Conducting Private Discussions During Sermons


Many people miss out on a good meeting because of this attitude. This group of members always does one job or another when the sermon is opened and running. They may be pressing and manipulating their phones or you will see them talking to others.

God will only bless a person with a critical mind who pays close attention to Him during church programs. If you can’ t focus on God when you’ re in Church, it’ ll be hard for God to take care of you.

*Refusal To Give Evidence Of What God Has Done For Them


The Bible makes it clear that the evidence begets victory (see Revelation 12: 11). And it builds faith in others through their faith in God through their miracles. Unfortunately, many of the members whom God has blessed do not share their testimony with others. They keep it to themselves without realizing that they are preventing God from doing more for them.


Some church members have found it difficult to give back to God. This category of members often talks about not paying tithing, not because we have biblical evidence but because they do not want to give to God.


If they have the opportunity, this kind will encourage the abolition of all forms of church donation. They want to receive from God but do not want to give back a small portion of what they earn by running a church.

If your hands are closed to God, He will close His hands to you. The choice is yours.


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