Biafra Army is Ready For Another War, See The Powerful Statement They Released to Federal Government

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The Indigenous People of Biafra have expressed their determination to accept the gauntlet thrown by the Federal Government of Nigeria. This followed the aerial bombardment of Orlu by the Nigerian army.

On Thursday, February 8, 2021, shocking and unexpected news spread through the media space that the Nigerian air force was carrying out air strikes in Orlu in search of the members of the Eastern Security Network, ESN, created the year passed by the leader of the IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu. People of good conscience have condemned the act as unjustified, as a mistake of priority.

People have questioned the rationale for such an operation at a time when Nigeria faces unprecedented security challenges.

Let us remember that the Fulani herdsmen have been moving to kill innocent people in the country; bandits and Bokoharam in the north are turning that place into a desert; but in all of them, the federal government has not attempted any reasonable military solution. They have always been talking about giving amnesty to bandits, Bokoharam and shepherds. But they continue to deploy heavily armed military operations in the southeast that do not have any security challenges.

However, following the airstrikes on Thursday, the group’s state leadership issued a statement that the federal government had openly proclaimed clashes against them, asking its members to close the hatches, that the Nigerian government had crossed the red lines. They vowed to take the gauntlet thrown at them by the Nigerian federal government. The group says they are ready to protect their ancestral land against any form of encroachment and trespass.

By all indications, war is inevitable right now. The federal government calls directly for war. Consider 1967. It was a genocidal war because the international community joined Nigeria to fight Biafra, and people died more from starvation in the land of Biafra than from anything else. Except that, Biafra would have won that war. Now the Igbo know how to win the war using the 1967 experience. The federal government must understand this.


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