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Biafra Is A Fraud, But I Am In Total Support Of The Oduduwa And Igbo Anthem – Adamu Garba

The former presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Adamu Garba has expressed his thoughts about Biafra, the Oduduwa and Igbo anthem.

The politician took to his Twitter page to say that he is in support of the Oduduwa anthem. According to him, it is about the renaissance of the people. People are rediscovering themselves, they no longer want to be led by some imported practices or rules by paper, they want their culture, tradition and history to guide them, he said.


In a response to his tweet, somebody asked him if he would not mind the Biafra anthem too, since it is considered that the opposite of Oduduwa is Biafra. Adamu Garba replied that Biafra as currently portrayed is a fraud, but that he will always support the Igbo anthem.


Adamu Garba is a public figure who always contribute to both social and political matters in the country. What do you think about him showing support for the Oduduwa and Igbo anthem, but will never support their secession? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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