Biafran National Guard Could Have Stopped Anambra Election If Not For Police, Military And Others (VIDEO)


Tension and uncertainty had surrounded the November 6 Anambra State gubernatorial election owing to series of threats by groups seeking independence in Nigeria’ s South- East region.

Although the election held peacefully and for the most part of it: successful, all thanks goes to the country’ s security architecture including the police, army, etc.

It is arguable to say that without the decision to deploy heavy security to Anambra State, elections would not have held: a scary video that was shot the night before the elections by the Biafran National Guard, BNG, has continued to stir reactions today.


The video threatened the election, noting that all citizens of Anambra State should not come out to exercise their franchise on Saturday, November 6, and that the election will never hold.

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The video showed the Biafran National Guard with heavy artillery, sending a message to Nigerians about the election.

Ironically, the Nigerian government proved why it is called a government as Anambra State witnessed a serene election.

Reactions Trail The Scary Video After Anambra Election

Many Nigerians have vowed not to take the Biafran National Guard serious anymore, accusing them of making empty threats.

Nigerians also condemned the group’ s video, as many Biafrans deny it being part of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.


Empty Threats By The Biafran National Guard

A week before the latest video that threatened the Anambra election, a scary video had emerged on social media showing members of the Biafran National Guard in a thick forest with a message to President Muhammadu Buhari.

The leader of the Biafran National Guard who Identified himself as one Innocent, noted that they are making a glorious move to the independence of Biafra and that a war will take place on the 30th of October, 2021.

In the video, the leader who read out the statement from a laptop, addressed President Buhari as a hater of Biafra and the state of Biafra.


Also addressing Buhari as the reincarnation of ancient Pharoah whose soldiers perished in the red sea; the self- acclaimed innocent claimed Buhari has imprisoned Mrs. Oyekachi, Uchenna Nicolas, Peter Igbokwe, Chima Azo, ikechukwu Arara, chibuike, Benjamin amongst others.

How FG Prepared To Stop Any IPOB Or BNG’ s Threat To Disrupt Anambra Election

There was a wide consensus that the November 6 Anambra State gubernatorial election will be plagued with violence, owing to the presence of the disgruntled members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB and the Biafran National Guard, BNG.


To this end, the Nigerian government showed its preparedness for whatever that may transpired on Saturday, 6th November 2021.

IPOB Declared A Sit- At- Home Action That Was Later Suspended

It is arguably a tradition that one or more people will be killed in every sit- at- home action by IPOB.

There had been recorded attacks on several occasions by IPOB during their sit- at- home action, with many believing that it would be the case on November 6th, 2021, billed for the Anambra gubernatorial election.

According to IPOB, the federal government risked a week- long lockdown in the entire Biafra land if its leader Nnamdi Kanu was not released before November 4th.


The ultimatum by IPOB was given in a statement by its Media and Publicity Secretary for IPOB, Emma Powerful following the adjournment of Kanu’ s court case to November 10th by the Federal High Court in Abuja.

As tension made waves, IPOB fell under pressure and suspended the sit- at- home action for people to go out and participate in the Saturday election.

Amid this, there was still tension in some quarters, especially with the threat posed by the Biafran National Guard.

How The Police Prepared Against IPOB And BNG’ s Threats

Following fears of violence overwhelming the November 6 Anambra gubernatorial election which later turned out successful, the Inspector General of Police, Mr Usman Baba, showed preparedness as he warned IPOB, BNG and other non state actors of the consequences that awaits anyone who intends to disrupt the election.


According to IGP Usman, the police would deal decisively with anybody who would try to foment trouble during the exercise, as he iterated that the heavy deployment of security to Anambra State for Saturday’ s election was not meant to scare voters.

Speaking on Wednesday during stakeholders’ meeting; the police IGP said: ” This massive deployment is not designed to intimidate the law- abiding as being insinuated in some quarters.

” On the contrary, it is to reassure them of adequate protection by deterring misguided political elements as well as non- state actors that might be bent on threatening the election through acts of armed violence or other conducts that violate the provisions of the Electoral Act.

” It is to also serve as a strong warning that the government is determined to bring such subversive characters to justice should they advance their ignoble, undemocratic and unpatriotic intents.

” The overriding objective of our operational action plan is to ensure an environment that is peaceful enough to encourage the law- abiding people of Anambra State to exercise their electoral franchise.

” The message here is clear. For the political actors and electorates that are law abiding, they are fully assured of optimal security.

” However, for the destabilising elements and other deviants who despite all wise counsels are determined to deploy violence and other illegal means to advance their political interests or constitute a clog in the wheel of peaceful atmosphere for the election, they should be prepared for the consequences of their actions as they will be identified, isolated and decisively dealt with irrespective of their status, ideological inclinations or political affiliation.

” All the security personnel to be deployed are under instruction to be guided by the Code of Conduct and Rules of Engagement for Security Personnel on Electoral Duty as developed jointly by INEC and security agencies.


” The document clearly highlights the roles, ethics and standard of operations of all security agents to be deployed on election security duties.

” Accordingly, all security agents are fully conscious of the fact that they are under an obligation to perform their functions within the rule of law and civil dictates and that they could be held accountable for any professional conduct that negates the dictates of the Code of Conduct.

” No one is allowed to wear any cloth, emblem or colour signifying any political party to the polling units. No person is allowed to move around with security details around the polling units.

” Everyone is enjoined to vote and return to their respective houses or remain peacefully within approved perimeters of the polling centres. No one is allowed to move about from one polling unit to another; only INEC accredited election monitors/observers are allowed to move around; only accredited journalists are allowed to cover the election. ”

How INEC Prepared Against IPOB And BNG’ s Threat

On Wednesday, 3rd November 2021, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC received praises in some quarters after it announced an insurance cover for all its staff who are participating in the Anambra governorship elections scheduled for November 6.

This has been deemed a good news as the insurance covers adhoc staff, Corp members and others who will work for the commission on that day.


The insurance policy came in the wake of the threats posed by the members of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

INEC further explained that it was implementing the policy known as ” Electoral Hazard- a group personal accident policy” which will cover death by accident, temporary disability, permanent disability and medical treatment due to accident that may come as a result of the election.

Rotimi Oyekanmi, Chief Press Secretary to INEC confirmed this in an interview with The PUNCH, on Tuesday as he noted that all ad hoc staff, including the NYSC members engaged for the Anambra governorship election were insured.

What Rotimi Oyekanmi Said

” The Independent National Electoral Commission has obtained an insurance policy for all ad hoc staff that would be engaged for the Anambra governorship election scheduled for November 6 2021.

” The policy, known as Electoral Hazard, is a group personal accident policy. It covers death by accident, temporary disability, permanent disability and medical treatment due to accident.

” This has been the commission’ s long standing standard practice for every election conducted by INEC.

” The ad hoc staff covered include Presiding Officers, Assistant Presiding Officers, Collation Officers, Returning Officers, Supervisory Presiding Officers and Security personnel. ”

How The Army Prepared Against IPOB And BNG’ s Threat

The presence of the Nigerian army under the umbrella of Operation Golden Dawn has reportedly helped to curtail potential crimes by IPOB and BNG members, and has also helped to subdue the threats against the Anambra gubernatorial election.


To this end, the South- East Council of Traditional Rulers and representatives of Igbo Archbishops and Bishops pleaded with the President Muhammadu Buhari- led federal government to release their embattled leader (Nnamdi Kanu) and demilitarise the region.

” We call on the Federal Government to take urgent steps to demilitarise the South- East zone, more so as it has become apparent that a continued military siege on the region can only lead to heightened tension, skirmishes and endless bloodletting between the security agencies and our youths.

” It has become urgent, imperative and compelling to de- emphasise the military option and move towards finding a political solution that will lead to sustainable peace, ” a joint statement by the traditional rulers and clerics read.

The heavy military presence in Anambra state remained principal to the success of the November 6 Anambra gubernatorial election; A Nigerian Facebook user posited.

What’ s your opinion? How peaceful do you think the Anambra election was? What do you think of BNG’ s Threat?


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