BIG BLOW 💔 TO IGBOS As Saraki, Ortom MASTERMIND PLOT To Retain Power In The North In 2023


The centre stage for the 2023 general elections is taking its course and lots of events are unfolding. With the presidential election more of a concern.

As we expect, political gladiators are already taking bold steps to strategize their plans towards winning elections.

The same goes with their political parties which serve as a platform.

We have noticed endorsements rolling out for those who have been anticipated to be in the presidential race come 2023.

Zoning has been the subject of debate across every political party and even on the lips of the ordinary Nigerian.

Agitations Keep brewing from the southeast for the much- coveted seat of the president of Nigeria.

Just recently, the north- central has begun to agitate its exclusion from the agenda of ruling the country.

Prominent to these calls are Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State, Dr Bukola Saaki, Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State amongst the host of other prominent north- central politicians across the two main political parties in the country.

On the other hand, the southeast has the likes of Senator Ayim Pius, Governor Dave Umahi, Ohanaeze ndigbo, and other prominent southeast stakeholders.

The biggest question remains; Can either zone be given the candidacy to contest across all political parties come 2023?

It’ s Time For The North- Central To Produce The Next President- Bukola Saraki

In what may be seen as a master’ s stroke, Former Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki, has declared that the North Central geopolitical zone has fought hard for the country’ s unity and that it is now time for the region to produce the next president in a masterstroke.

Saraki announced at the Benue Peoples House in Makurdi, where he was meeting with the PDP’ s State Working Committee and other stakeholders as he began talks for his presidential bid in the 2023 elections.

Governor Samuel Ortom has also received a commendation from the former congressman for his work in ensuring that the PDP remains strong in the region and around the country.

He said, ” We are here to thank the Governor for the leadership he has provided for the PDP in the North Central region and entire Northern Nigeria which has metamorphosed into a vibrant leadership at the national level of the party.

” The North Central has worked so hard for the preservation of the country. Now is the time for the region to produce the leadership of the nation. ”

Saraki further stated that he will continue to collaborate with other stakeholders to protect the zone and the country as a whole.

While greeting Saraki and his entourage, Governor Ortom praised the PDP in the state for strengthening the party, emphasising that the wave of defections across the state demonstrates that the party is fully on the ground and ready to free Nigeria from misrule.

Facebook Reactions

Nigerians have taken to their social media handle to express their opinions in what could be tagged massive support for the former senate president and the North- central. Below are some of the reactions as gathered by JoseyWrites.

Coalition Group Begins Mass Mobilisation For North Central Presidency

Meanwhile, under the name of the Coalition of North Central Organisations, several youths social and political groups from across the North Central have called on the PDP to coalesce around a candidate from the country’ s North Central geographical region.

The Coalition emphasised that the party should give its ticket to a qualified aspirant from the North Central, citing the region’ s importance to the country’ s unity, at a Press Conference convened by the group’ s National President, Comrade Salahudeen Lukman, at the NUJ Secretariat in Abuja on November 19.

” As a coalition, we have commenced our consultations and resolved to proceed with the mass mobilisation and sensitization of all voters, to ensure the concession of the presidential ticket to the North Central to achieving a resounding success for our zone during the 2023 General Election.

” We make this demand because of our belief that at this difficult and trying time in our nation, the only path for national salvation, restoration and peace is to ensure that there is fairness equity, and justice in our body polity, ” the Chairman of the Coalition said.

The group emphasised that the North Central geopolitical zone is the only one in Nigeria’ s political history that has never produced a democratically elected President or Vice President.

” It is no more news that there are agitations from other zones to produce the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2023. These agitations are coming both from the North and the South with each providing reasons for their position which we understand.

” For instance, since independence in 1960, all other zones have been privileged to produce democratically elected President, Vice President or their equivalent except the North Central Geo- Political Zone.

” Therefore for the sake of equity, fairness, and justice, we believe that it is appropriate for the other five zones to graciously concede the Presidency the North Central in 2023, ” the Coalition said.

South- East Governors Demand 2023 Presidency

Meanwhile, on Friday, October 8, the Governors of the South East Zone requested that all political parties in the country choose their presidential candidates for 2023 from the zone. While making the plea, David Umahi, Chairman of the South- East Governors Forum and Governor of Ebonyi State, encouraged political parties in the country not to scheme out the zone in the campaign.

He believes that the region has made significant sacrifices and that it should be permitted to produce the country’ s next president, regardless of zoning.

This was revealed by Umahi during a prayer summit hosted by the state government at the Ecumenical Centre in Abakaliki.

He advocated for the zone’ s involvement in the country’ s affairs. Nigeria, he believes, must handle the South East in a fair and equal manner.

He said: ” We will continue to say as a father of the statement that we will not belong to Biafra, we will not.

” We will not go back to second slavery, we will not. We want to belong to Nigeria, we want to belong to fair play and equitable Nigeria.

” And let me state very clearly, zoning or no zoning party or no party, south- east must not be schemed out of the affairs of this nation, it must not be schemed out.

” What is good for other states, is good for the southeast it doesn’ t matter whom God enthrones. Let the southeast be properly integrated into the affairs of this nation. We are nation builders, we should not be felt.

He stated that ndigbo have investments in every region of the country and that hate comments are used to keep ndigbo down. He also stated that people should not be frightened of ndigbo.

Finally, Umahi stated that Ndigbo will collaborate with the people for the country’ s love and unity. He begged that the Ndigbo be given an opportunity, emphasising the importance of treating them fairly because they had given so much for Nigeria.


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