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BIG DISGRACE😕 Man Organize His Brother’s To Beat Up His Wife For Confronting His Side Chick


A school proprietor identified as one Mr Olusola Adepitan, has been accused of organizing his brother’ s to accompany him to beat up his wife because she confronted his side chick. According to the victim, Mrs Rasheedat Adepitan, and it was learnt that the couple had been married for 25 years and they both had five children together.

According one of the children of the who made the galling revelation of how incident happened, It was learnt that the incident happen in Ibafo area of Ogun state, It was learnt that the couple owned a school in Asese Mowe/Ibafo Local Government area of Ogun state, according to the source, it was learnt that a woman came to seek for assistance from the couple and asked them for a place where she can stay and sell food to earn a living for herself.

It was learnt that the couple obliged and gave her a space close to the school where she can operate her food vendor business, however it was learnt that shortly after she started selling food close to the school, the victim (Mrs Rasheedat Adepitan) noticed that her husband stopped eating her meals, rather he started giving money to the food vendor to prepare food for him and his brother’ s everyday, and started spending more time with the food vendor.


It was gathered that after noticing that the new woman was having an affair with her husband, the victim then ordered the food vendor to vacate the space, but the lady refused and told her that she only answers to her husband, out of anger it was learnt that Mrs Rasheedat sent the lady’ s son away from their school and also went to the food vendor’ s shop to confront her for snatching her husband from her, it was learnt that both ladies got into a fight which eventually landed them in the Police station where the issue was later resolved.

However it was learnt that on getting home from the Police station, Mrs Rasheedat Adepitan was given a beating of her life by her husband’ s brother’ s who accused her of trying to sitdown on their brother’ s properties, while the man and his side chick just stood by witching as his brother’ s brutalized his wife.



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