BIG DISGRACE! ! ! See How This Grownup Man Was Disgraced And Flogged In Front Of Children For Stealing This In Bayelsa


An unlucky thief in Bayelsa state who is identified as Martins Dickson has been disgraced publicly, fined, and given some serious stroke of lashes after he was caught stealing a bunch of plantains.

The plantain thieve is reported to have hailed from Rivers state and currently residing in Yenagoa. Was very unlucky with his criminal activities on Sunday 3rd of October 2021, as he was caught red- handed in Agudama- Epe area of the state capital.

The story was confirmed by a Facebook user identified as Izibeyame Prudent, who posted pictures of how the plantain thieves was paraded and disgraced.


In his words, he said that the criminal specializes in stealing people’ s farm products. He goes to people’ s farms on Sunday morning, when the farmers go to church.


Plantain Farm

He also added that the suspect was given some stroke of cane and he was also asked to pay a certain amount of fine for his crime. The community decided that they would not turn him over to the police, because the criminal pleaded with them that he was forced to steal because of hunger.


” This is Martins Dickson from Okobe, Ahoada- west Lga, River State, now residing in assemblies of god street, Agudama- epie, Yenagoa. he specializes in stealing people plantain on Sunday. he was caught red- handed in the act

” He was given some stroke of cane with fines to pay and let go since he claimed hunger let him go for stealing! this was the decision reached than handing him over to the police”



Do you think the community did a good thing by not turning him over to the police?

Is this style of discipline effective?

Hey, Let me know what you think in the comment section.


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