BIG SHOCK! As Popular Pastor Told Nigerians To Stop Criticising FG But Do These


The current situation of the country have made some Nigerians to believe that we need a God fearing government, as they opined that the current government are doing nothing.


This is amazing, many Nigerians have pledged not to follow the current government in the country, but a popular Nigerian pastor have reacted to that and caution them not to criticize them again.

The Pentecost Fellowship (NFP) in Nigeria, held in Abuja on Sunday, warned Christians of amplifying national problems and challenges, but instead warned them to pray for Nigerian leaders.


” Christians should fill the void of prayer, worry and anxiety through prayer, rather than amplifying national challenges and problems. ” God has mercy on our country, and if our people are not obsessed with prayer or find excuses not to pray, we will win, ” NFP president Wale Oke accused.


These fees were paid at the three- day PFN Anchor Men Conference, which was part of the Anchor Business Breakfast hosted by the Men’ s Fellowship (FWC) at the Family Worship Center in Abuja.

Mr. Oke said that he can only guide correctly and correctly when a man seeks guidance and guidance from God. He added that only the word of God would make a difference to the country through prayer where the army is crippled and the economy is unsustainable. The President of the NFP also prayed for peace and relaxation in all regions of the country and in all areas of governance.


At the meeting, Patron Mustafa, the Federal Secretary, FWC Branch Pastor, and other divine minister, who is also the chair of the Anchor Men’ s Fellowship.


However, the pastor pledged to continue to pray for the country and also urged Nigerians to pray for better Nigeria.

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