The Biggest Scandals Of Nigerian Female Celebrities

Celebrities, because of their personality are like fishes in a water tank that can be seen by all. It is also impossible to mention a celebrity’s name without a scandal not being attached to it. Sometimes, when these rumours come, it is believed to be a publicity stunt to make fans talk about them while some of them are actually true.

Here are some Nollywood scandals – some distasteful, unbelievable, or even false altogether, and how the celebrities involved reacted to them.

Yvonne Jegede: Boobs enhancement Story

Ebony beauty and s3xy Yvonne Jegede, who rose to fame after her cameo appearance in Tuface Idibia’s African Queen, is a woman blessed with the mammary gift many women would do anything to have.

After her long absence from the entertainment world occasioned by a need to get a degree in Cyprus, the s3xy-lip actress decided to announce her return by posting some luscious photos of herself on the Internet. Instead of her desired reaction of great welcome, what she got in return was a response that soon developed into a scandal.

Pronto, the story was everywhere that she had done a breast enlargement surgery. But Yvonne fired back saying that she never did breast surgery or implant as claimed and is surprised people judge her based on pictures:

“My features have always been the same from time immemorial. The thing is a lot of people have always seen me as that naïve, vulnerable girl who likes to cry a lot because those are the kind of roles I used to get before I left. The roles I got were roles I have to be a nice girl in the village, a girl who is begging to be loved, a girl who has made a mistake and who desperately wants to repent, a girl who people will feel sorry for, a girl who is from a poor home. So, I have my own personal life. What you see on TV has absolutely nothing to do with me. I will not cry for a man and grovel and be on the floor in tears”

“I’m very surprised people judge me by my pictures. It was my birthday so I just went to the studio, trying to feel nice and I took pictures and that is all me, no surgery or implant” she added.

Ebube Nwagbo

Beautiful, s3xy, and curvaceous Ebube has seen it all as far as scandals are concerned.

Ebube and Limpopo crooner, Kcee were dating back in the day but Kcee ended up marrying another lady. However, there were rumours that after Kcee got married, Ebube continued seeing Kcee causing a strain in his marriage. She also allegedly fought her colleague, Anita Joseph over Kcee.

In an interview, the actress opened up on some of the controversies that have trailed her since she became an actress and other issues.

She said that she wished she wasn’t a celebrity because of the way people like her are being monitored by the public “you live your life for the public, you have no privacy and your life becomes a public business”.

The Mass Communication graduate reacted to the rumour about her going to the church to pray and fast so she could find a man to marry. She said she felt like going crazy when she read the news but maintained it wasn’t true as she was only carrying out her religious duties like everyone else.

“Sometimes when I hear and read things about me, I feel like going crazy. But I have learnt to always put on a smile and take them with a pinch of salt. It is not easy for people to appreciate you and admire what you do. Take, for instance, the story of how I went to church to pray and fast because of a man. I was born into a very strict Christian home, those who know me can attest to this. So I was brought up to go to church and do the things of God. I went to church on a Sunday, like every other person, and offered to do something for God. But some people blew it up into a silly story”.

Chika Ike dating Senate President David Mark after her marriage crash

Chika Ike long before now, it was as if Chika Ike were immuned to controversies and scandals because of her status as a married woman. No sooner had her marriage gone up in flames than messy stories began to emerge about her. She got married early at the age of 21 and had a long spell of scandal-free life until she divorced her husband and started seeing the other side of life.

The first nasty story that crept up to haunt her was her dating the Senate President, David Mark. The story alleged that the Senate President even bought her a car and got an Abuja shop for her.

Reacting to the story, the actress said;

“I made this particular issue clear in several interviews. I don’t know David Mark personally. I only know him as the Senate President. David Mark did not buy me a car, neither did he help me with my shop in Abuja. All I’m thinking about right now is my divorce as I am officially separated”

When asked how she copes with negative news she said;

“Honestly, I have learnt to cope with them. I have developed a rhino skin. Initially, they used to get to me but now I’ve realized it comes with the job and part of growing up”, she said.

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