Billionaire Jowizaza Releases His Before And After Pictures.

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Billionaire Oil and Gas businessman and social media Big Boy -Joseph Ezeokafor popularly known as Jowizaza took to snapchat yesterday the 19th of September 2021 to release previously unseen old photos of himself. The pictures are of a younger Jowizaza but they are a far cry from the Jowizaza we all now know.

The photos show Jowizaza before the billions, the fast cars he drives, the fun parties he attends and the expensive vacations he shows on his social media pages. The pictures also show just how how far he has come and lastly the pictures show that wealth truly is good for the skin.

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While there’s been a lot talk and speculation surrounding the source of Jowizaza’s wealth, these pictures will show that he’s also had a not so glamorous past. Glad to see he’s doing way better than he was in the past.

You can find the pictures below.


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