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Bishop Kukah Speaks On Buhari’s Administration Again

Bishop Matthew Kukah of the Sokoto Diocese says it is not unreasonable for Nigerians to expect the Federal Government to protect lives and property, and that government at all levels must provide an enabling atmosphere for people to prosper.

During a virtual interview with academic and historian Toyin Falola on Sunday, the cleric noted for his critiques of the President’s regime, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) claimed this.

His remarks came as the country’s insecurity levels rose across the board, with bandits, militants, kidnappers, and other criminals terrorizing Nigerians.

During the interview, Kukah also bemoaned the fact that politicians turn to clerics when they fail to deliver on governance problems, but emphasized that the Nigerian state must be run with a long-term vision for all to prosper.

One of the causes of insecurity in Nigeria, according to him, is economic dissatisfaction among Nigerians.

“To have a good society, you don’t treat unequal people equally, and you don’t treat equal people unequally because if you have a society where just being a woman penalizes you, or just belonging to a different religion penalizes you, or just being of a different social class penalizes you, then you don’t have a hope of pulling together the resources, mental ability, and otherwise that you need,” Kukah explained.

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