Bishop KuKah's Statement Before The US Congress In Washington. - Mc Ebisco Bishop KuKah's Statement Before The US Congress In Washington. - Mc Ebisco
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Bishop KuKah’s Statement Before The US Congress In Washington.

The Catholic Bishop, Fr. Matthew KuKah, express his fear that Nigeria government under the regime of president Muhammadu Buhari is not handling issues that concerns religious violence well. north by group of armed men.

The Clergy, in his statement before the Congress said that the attack on Christians in Nigeria have been happening for many years but have increased since last 10 years.

Bishop KuKah also said that the armed group always target school in the northern Nigeria especially Christians schools and also, they been tortured whereby converting them to wives, cooks, spies, sexual slaves and so on.

He also complain to the Congress concerning the deliberately appointment of people the same religious into government offices by the president..

According to him, last year so many of our priests where killed in the north by the armed men, they kidnap our children forcefully turn them into Muslims.

He said, Nigeria is a democratic dispensation meanwhile we have autocratic president, which we are praying to live power.

The whole north is invaded by the armed bandits. The president have show nepotism.

In the history of Nigeria where the President, senate president and speaker are all Muslims.


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